I was a teaching assistant for the following courses at Sorbonne Université:

  • Mathematical Statistics, L3 (2021-2023)
  • Mathematical Statistics, M1 ISUP (2021-2023)
  • Time Series Analysis, M1 ISUP (2021-2022)

Student supervision

  • Co-supervision of Yu-Han Wu's masters thesis, with Gérard Biau and Claire Boyer, April-June 2024
  • Co-supervision of Yerkin Yesbay's masters thesis, with Lénaïc Chizat, February-June 2024
  • Co-supervision of Yu-Han Wu's masters thesis, with Gérard Biau, April-August 2023
  • Co-supervision of Nathan Doumeche's masters thesis, with Gérard Biau and Adeline Fermanian, April-July 2021
  • Supervision of Ayoube Bouayadine's bachelors internship, June-July 2021

Other activities

  • During the school lockdown due to the Covid pandemic (2020), in partnership with the D&I department from Ecole Polytechnique, I mentored a high schooler and gave him math classes to prepare him for preparatory classes.
  • In 2016-2017, I was involved in Tremplin, an association which intervenes in underprivileged high schools to encourage pupils to start scientific studies. I gave around fifteen classes to a group of six pupils in Lycée Marcel Pagnol in Athis-Mons.
  • In 2015, I did a six-month internship in EPIDE in Marseille. This public organisation welcomes young people (aged 18-25) from underprivileged backgrounds and helps them to acquire behavioral and academic skills in order to get a job. During my internship, I co-supervised a group of 30 young people (maths and French classes, general behavior, etc.)